Window Tint Laws in BC

Having your car windows tinted can look pretty cool, makes the interior of your vehicle private and can also help conceal the contents of your vehicle from potential thieves. The problem with having a car window tinted is that it restricts the ability of the driver to see and be seen. A tinted window is also illegal in British Columbia and may lead to enforcement actions like getting a ticket or a repair order.

The window tint laws in Canada may vary depending on the province and this article will try to provide the information regarding window tint laws that are applicable in British Columbia.


First and foremost, having your front driver and passenger side windows tinted is illegal in British Columbia. Tinted front window is a matter of safety concern for you and other cars on the road. Particularly if it’s dark outside, it will be hard for you to make eye contact with other drivers on the road, which is not a good thing.

Tinted windows can also be a hindrance for you in making a quick escape when you are in a vehicular collision since the solar films that are used in tints will not let the front windows from breaking into pieces. These solar films will make it hard for firefighters to use their shatter tools to free you and get you to safety.

If you are planning to buy a new car or have recently purchased a new one, it’s important to know that the federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act is responsible for regulating the amount of tint to be applied on front windows of new cars: according to regulation, 70% of light must pass through the glass of the windows. If you do notice that there’s a bit of tint on the front window of your new car, don’t worry about it.

The federal Motor Vehicle Act Regulations are extremely clear on films being used that decrease the amount of light that passes on the glass window. It’s important to note that there’s no mention of how light or dark the film is. If the film decreases the amount of light to pass thru in any way, it can only be applied on certain windows of the car.

It is possible to apply the film on the top 3 inches of the windshield or on any side windows at the back of the driver’s shoulder. The film can also be applied to the rear window with the condition that the car has an outside mirror on both sides. The film is not permitted to be applied to the driver and front passenger door windows.

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